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The FrontERM Technical Platform is Powerful, Flexible and Highly Configurable

eFront products are distinguished and differentiated by their technical superiority

The eFront FrontERM products are built on a technology platform that leverages the latest innovations and designs to deliver robust, scalable and user friendly applications. The platform is adaptable; it can be used to meet the needs of the largest, most sophisticated global fund managers and is also appropriate for use by small, regionally-focused investment firms and limited partners.

The FrontERM technical infrastructure leverages an Oracle or MS SQL Server database, an application server platform based on Microsoft .NET, and offers a 100% web-based interface for end users. Because the end-user interface is entirely web-based, project implementations and deployments are much easier and less costly to support and maintain versus solutions which require software to be installed.

A few capabilities of the platform are presented below.

FrontERM is 100% web-based, and is designed to be compatible with nearly any existing environment.

Advanced User Interface
FrontERM offers a well-designed UI in the style of modern web-based applications. Users are able to design their own desktops by dragging and dropping Web frames specific to FrontERM.

Flexible, Modular Architecture
The FrontERM architecture is modular, enabling clients to begin with a best-of-breed packaged solution and then to add other product modules to meet their unique requirements.

Security Management
The FrontERM security model leverages access control and user rights via granular user profiles. Other security features include the definition of “regions” within the system to segregate data from different users, single-sign-on (SSO) requirements, VPN integration and SSL integration. eFront’s technology is flexible and can be delivered on-premise, hosted or even provided as a SaaS offering.