FrontERM Advanced Search and Reporting Capabilities

eFront offers a wide range of sophisticated reporting and search capabilities

Advanced products like FrontERM, FrontGRC store a great deal of data related to risk management, internal control, regulatory compliance and internal audit issues. Regulators require the logging of these regulatory data (5 years or more). It can be challenging to find important information and to format it for consumption by colleagues, risk managers, auditors, regulators and other stakeholders.

eFront solutions offer many techniques for getting data into the system – including import routines, drag and drop, and integrations with various third party systems and applications. FrontERM also provides several powerful and useful search and reporting capabilities for getting data out of the system.

Everywhere Search is a Google-like search function for searching across specific objects or the entire database. Results are neatly presented on a page with hyperlinks to objects and attachments.

Grid Search enables users to easily search across an object while using filters similar to those available in Microsoft Excel. Users can enter complex criteria with advanced search operations such as “contains,” “like” and “pronounced like.” For example, a business user can search for deals with a specific date range, level of sales, and minimum expected return multiple. The results can be quickly filtered by industry or geography by dragging and dropping columns to create collapsible groups and automatically generated tabs containing subsets of the original search results.

Full-Text Search is available for documents and files uploaded into FrontERM. All contents are indexed to identify matching content within a document and not just in a file name.

Type-Ahead Search lists and updates results in real time as letters are entered into a search field.

FrontReport Designer is a report-configuration tool that enables users to create custom reports and templates which can produce output in Microsoft Word and Excel, PDF, and HTML formats. FrontReport provides the ultimate flexibility for customizing and transforming how investor, management, regulator and customer-facing reports are formatted and produced.