Poincaré : The Calculation Portal

In order to implement the best possible calculation infrastructure, you will face challenges in four areas:

Mathematical: Using the best and most relevant mathematical models, in an accessible way, will allow you to use more and more sophisticated models, as well as multiple heterogeneous tools.

Technical: Providing enough computational muscle to give you timely, accurate and precise results requires the power of modern platforms like stochastic and grid computing.

Data access and management: Gathering disperate and distributed data, spread-out through your organization, should be based upon a centralized, updated and agreed-upon data model.

Coordination, consistency, and control: Governance presents the challenge of having many players within the company along with the need to organize, control and audit. Processes must be standardized and an auditable archive of records must be kept.

For example, the application of the Solvency II – Pillar I regulatory reform raises several issues. It implies the presence of multiple players and increasingly-sophisticated mathematical models. The manual procedures used for the diverse tools create the risk of significant human error, while making traceability and auditing difficult.

The eFront calculation modeling solution offers a structured, powerful framework of calculations for mathematical models and data. Using the solution satisfies all regulatory traceability, auditing and security requirements by:

  • Leveraging the implementation of a collaborative work environment to improve team performance
  • Automating the execution of standard and often sophisticated mathematical models
  • Creating a graphical, aggregate view of the different models at both the subsidiary and group levels
  • Providing global traceability to ensure compliance with the ACP’s expectations

eFront’s calculation tool goes beyond pure mathematical calculations to provide:

  • Structured, versioned controlled company library of mathematical models and data
  • Data, model and mass simulation manager
  • Powerful calculation engine with the distribution of the load on a computer cluster
  • Collaborative development tool that permits work and the graphical assembly of business components
  • Conformance with regulatory requirements for traceability, auditing and security.

The calculation modeling capabilities present complement other eFront solutions, including FrontInvest and FrontGRC:


  • Cash-flow projections
  • Risk management
  • Ratio verifications
  • Benchmarking
  • Funds of hedge funds, funds of funds


  • Basel II, Solvency II
  • Pillar I (quantification) eFront’s calculation modeling
  • Pillar II (governance) FrontGRC
  • Pillar III (reports) FrontReport