eFront FrontMobile Extends eFront’s Solutions to Mobile Devices

Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets allow us to literally carry the internet in our pockets, just about anywhere we go. We can connect with clients and co-workers wherever we are, to get more work done faster. Mobile connectivity helps to increase our productivity, quality of service and, ultimately, our competitiveness.

The FrontMobile solution has three components:

  1. The FrontMobile app, which you install on your device
  2. The FrontMobile database, which is installed with the app and synchs with FrontMobile services
  3. The FrontMobile services, which are embedded in the eFront platform and support the data synchronization, security and other needs of the FrontMobile app

Together, these components enable fund managers and investors take full advantage of their mobile devices, allowing them to:

  • Communicate more effectively with different stakeholders and partners
  • Stay informed and up-to-date with the firm’s engagement with these people and organizations
  • Share details of GRC indicators
  • Respond to requests in real time

FrontMobile helps you keep your business moving forward.

FrontMobile can work for you, even where the Internet doesn’t

FrontMobile works both connected and disconnected, so your team can work effectively even when they’re unable to connect to the internet.