Internal Control for Industries

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Standard internal control solutions for Industry & Services

FrontERM Internal Control for Industry and Services is a standard, robust and configurable solution that provides a reasonable guarentee that your organization will achieve the following objectives:

  • Strategic: The strategic objectives that serve your company’s mission
  • Operational: The effective and efficient implementation of processes
  • Reporting: The reliability of your reporting processes
  • Compliance: Compliance with the applicable laws and regulations

Based on frameworks and best-practice standards, such as COSO II and ISO 31000, FrontERM Internal Control lets you implement an efficient and effective internal control system. It features the following functionalities:

  • Description and updating of your Company repository: Organization, processes, roles and responsibilities
  • Formal definition and updating of an internal control strategy
  • Account mapping, processes, organization, stakeholders
  • Supervision of the system through regular or continuous assessment campaigns
  • Support for the control assessment process (CSA) with configurable workflow circuits
  • Support for the control testing process
  • Support Certification Process
  • Management of action plans, deficiencies, and compensatory controls
  • Coordination, reporting, and monitoring

This solution is an integral part of a more comprehensive FrontERM solution that unifies, optimizes and streamlines the transversal corporate governance process and facilitates collaboration with the various Control and Risk functions (risk management, internal control, internal audits).