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A modular solution for the management of subsidiaries and holdings

FrontHolding: Unify your management processes for subsidiaries and holdings, automate the legal, financial and fiscal control of your companies, centralize powers and authorizations, and modify your group organization charts

For more than 15 years, the legal, financial and fiscal departments of large enterprises have been controlling their subsidiaries and share holdings with FrontHolding. Our customers are financial and family-based holding companies from all sectors of activity (construction and civil works, luxury goods, transport, insurance, retail), and use FrontHolding to manage between 30 and 3,000 businesses.

FrontHolding is a comprehensive modular solution that can be adapted to any company and will evolve as your group grows.

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  • Instant access to your legal structure
  • Publication of reports that are essential to your everyday activity (information for directors, external auditors, associates and shareholders
  • Enchanced security
  • Time saving

FrontHolding is a comprehensive modular solution that can be adapted to the regulatory and organizational specifics of any company: Banks, insurers, manufacturers, service providers

New modules have been developed in addition to the initial solution in order to meet:

  • The need to compy with specific regulations (Solvency 2, Transport directive, etc.)
  • Management requirements specific to group organizations (management of mutual structures, branches, undeclared partnerships, etc.)
  • The specific needs of family-based holding companies (split ownership of shares, shareholder meetings in packs, etc.)

Banking and Insurance

  • The Fit & Proper module was developed in cooperation with insurance companies to monitor their compliance with the requirements of Solvency 2: competence and worthiness of persons in key functions (articles 42 and 43)
    • Alerts regarding the creation of key functions
    • Substantiating documents associated with functions
    • Notifications for regulators
  • The mutual structure/company shareholder management module enables groups to manage all of their account types (local, departmental, regional accounts, national federations)

Manufacturing and Services

  • The Transport module: this module has been designed to monitor compliance with Transport regulations for companies specializing in the transportation of passengers or goods by road:
    • Centralization of LTI and EEC licenses
    • Identification of the transport commisioner
    • Identification of transport controllers
    • centralization of certificates issued by regulators
  • Branch management module: Used for the management of entities that do not have their own legal standing within a group (branches, agencies, establishments, work sites, etc.)
    • General information: Start and end dates, addresses, controlling company
    • Identification of functions performed within entities (directors, site foremen, etc.)
    • Publication of overviews
  • The Undeclared Partnerships module has been designed to manage this particular type of company that has no legal status


A team providing continuous support:

  • Initial Installation (configuration, legacy data, etc.)
  • Training
  • User support
  • Project management of bespoke software developments

Contact us for more information:

  • By e-mail at with “FrontHolding” in the subject of your message
  • By telephone on +33(0)1 49 96 40 60

This solution is an integral part of a more comprehensive FrontGRC solution that unifies, optimizes and streamlines the cross-cutting corporate governance process and facilitates collaboration with the various monitoring agencies (risk management, internal control, internal audits).