Process Modelization

Collaborative Tools: Enhance your compliance with eFront solutions

Model references, manage related documents, analyze information and produce related reports

In addition to a shared Technical Framework (Administration, Workflow, Customization, Personalization, and Synchronization), there are several other cross-disciplinary functional tools available within the eFront platform.

The eFront technological platform, the accomplishment of years of research, guarantees rapid deployment of FrontGRC in order to achieve the most optimum use of the latest Web 2.0. technologies. FrontGRC incorporates an exceptional level of ergonomics and built-in personalization and configuration capabilities, particularly the data model and user interface look & feel.

In addition to the shared Technical Framework, several other cross-disciplinary functional tools are offered:

  • FrontGRC Modeling
  • Document management
  • FrontReport
  • Mass data imports

Process Modeling: FrontGRC Modeling

The FrontGRC Software Suite offers a mapping elements modeling tool. This tool, FrontGRC Modeling, enables investors to create diagrams and schematics which visually represent the relationships between elements of the following reference systems:

  • Governance Reference System: Processes, Risks, Controls, Indicators, Action plans
  • Business Continuity Plan (BCP): Reference System

These diagrams and schematics can be created in different ways:

  • By simply dragging & dropping mapping elements
  • Automatically via an interface with external tools such as Aris or Magic Draw
  • From a diagram model

The objects modelled in the diagrams are dynamically created using the information within the FrontGRC database. A change of link or attributes via a diagram is automatically adjusted and saved in the database.

Document management

The FrontGRC Software Suite offers the FrontGRC Document tool to enable investors to manage their documents and procedures.

The tool provides the following standard functions:

  • Management of document versioning
  • Document validation via a validation workflow
  • Attachment of documents and procedures covering the entire Governance reference system

The FrontReport module is a powerful suite of easy-to-use tools specifically designed for reporting in the fields of Banking, Finance and Insurance.

Without eFront, the production of reports, coupled with the tasks of mailing and updating websites to present the reports, is both a very time-consuming and increasingly essential activity for bankers and financiers. New regulatory constraints and an ever-increasing demand for information from investors make reporting and communications an essential part of their job. FrontReport offers the opportunity to automate reporting activities, thereby radically reduce the effort involved in producing both internally-consumed and externally-consumed reports, resulting in:

  • Quicker results
  • Massive productivity gains
  • The possibility of more frequent and more detailed reporting
  • Increased reliability of the information given

Mass data imports

In order to simplify data input and allow for the total reconstruction of data, the FrontGRC Suite offers an on-demand and automatic database feed interface.
Data imports can be used interactively or by batch. Batch importing enables data to be integrated from third party systems such as:

  • Process modelling tools
  • Help-desk type incident management tools
  • User directories
  • CSV files

Data export allows data to be supplied to other applications without the need for manually recreating the dataset.

The export formats supported are formatted text (CSV), Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word®.

The FrontGRC Software Suite is built upon a powerful technical and functional framework based on proven Microsoft technology. The framework is shared by all eFront solutions, ensuring both system robustness and unquestionable reliability. Many applications are currently in production on this Framework, some of which support several thousands of users interacting with massive volumes of data.

To facilitate its services, eFront has developed WebEdge, a technical platform which relies on proven technological standards (Microsoft.NET) and which is now the common base for all its services. WebEdge is a .NET solution enabling eFront to create efficient, configurable, integrated services which are easy to access using secure common web interfaces.

The FrontGRC Software Suite is an open solution, enabling investors to easily interface with an external system.

Depending on the volume of data, the frequency with which updates are required, and any additional functional or operational constraints that may be in place, the following technical interfaces can be used:

  • By batch or interactive file Import / Export
  • Web services
  • Database interface