Internal Control

FrontGRC Control: Optimize internal control system and assess process compliance for internal policies and external regulations

FrontGRC Control is a software solution dedicated to internal control and permanent control problems. FrontGRC Control offers collaborative tools to measure and automate compliance with company processes and constructing the necessary elements for external communication, certification and regulatory compliance (CRBF 97-02, LSF – Financial Security Law, SOX, or even requirements instituted by Basle II and Solvency II).

FrontGRC Control enables the Internal Control Departments within even complex organisations to implement a consistent, permanent control mechanism, covering the whole of the assessment cycle via relevant self-assessment campaigns. It enables the legal watch unit to model the regulatory points for which the financial institution is exposed and to alert the various operational managers in order to assess their risk of non-compliance.

FrontGRC Control provides accurate, auditable information for the nternal control chapter in your annual report.
The FrontGRC Control solution is fully integrated into the other modules of the FrontGRC suite, including risk management, internal auditing and business continuity plan management. Components share the same reference systems and share a common set of workflow drivers and powerful reporting tools.

The results of the control test plans prepare for future audit work programs.

  • Internal control mapping (Levels 1&2): Identification of entities, processes and risks, Control management – identification and description, COSO qualification, and the hierarchical breakdown of controls.
  • Self-assessment campaigns: Generation of control assessment forms, operational alarms, and automated updating of control assessments
  • Preventive and corrective action plans: Identification of action plans and a clear summary of indicators.
  • Regulatory mapping: Identification of risks of non-compliance. Modelling of regulatory points under themes and domains.
  • Reporting: Individual reports or combined summary reports of multi-area assessment entities, processes, and control managers.