FrontGRC Ready

A pre-configured solution for easier implementation.

Designed for the banking and insurance industries, FrontGRC Ready is a pre-configured package of FrontGRC software giving easier and quicker implementation giving a solution with optimal functional coverage.

Capitalizing on its experience with more than 1,000 FrontGRC software users and applying market best practices in risk management and internal control, eFront provides a solution that fits your needs.


A packaged solution:

  • Risk management methodology
  • Integrated standard validation circuits
  • Dynamic desktops
  • A readily-available repository catalog
  • Fast and relevant implementation

The functional coverage of FrontGRC Ready

– Repository process management with FrontGRC Risk:

  • Hierarchical classification of business processes
  • Mapping of business processes

– Graphic modeling of processes (FrontGRC Modeling) as an option

– Risk management with FrontGRC Risk:

  • Risk identification
  • Association of risks with business process cartography
  • Gross and net risk assessment
  • Management and assessment of risk control elements
  • Action plan identification and follow-up

– Incident database management with FrontGRC Risk:

  • Collection of potential risks
  • Qualitative and quantitative loss assessment

– Permanent control management with FrontGRC Control:

  • Definition of level 1 and 2 control sheets
  • Assessment of level 1 controls by operating teams via a questionnaire
  • Validation of level 1 controls by the department manager via a validation workflow
  • Assessment of level 2 controls by dedicated controllers
  • Monitoring of control implementation through regular self-assessment campaigns
  • Follow-up of control implementation through a control plan
  • Identification and follow-up of action plans

Available tools:

– Management of repository validation steps through dynamic and customizable workflows
– Management of a tasks basket via dynamic desktops
– Collaborative document management:

  • Tree structure for directory management
  • Drag-and-drop file submission
  • File versioning

– Simple authorization and privacy zone management
– Intuitive ergonomics
– Reporting:

  • FrontGRC Ready comes with a catalog of standard reports and monitoring dashboards
  • Personalized desktops for standard on user profiles

Benefits :

  • A pre-configured product to meet to your needs
  • Integrated reporting to ensure effective control
  • The security of a proven business methodology integrated into the tool
  • Flexibility – A customizable implementation model and a future path
  • Fast and relevant implementation reducing delay
  • Assurance of meeting regulatory requirements