Continuous Control Monitoring

ERM CRMGovernance, Risk, and ComplianceContinuous Control Monitoring

FrontGRC Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM)

FrontCCM, enables the reduction of risks within an organization and the control of costs linked to compliance (LAB/FTT). FrontCCM provides fraud prevention and detection and enables the ongoing improvement of audit-related processes.

  • Automatic identification of unusual operations and suspected fraud
  • Management of the investigative process within a workflow
  • Automatic collection of key risk indicators from operational data
  • Real-time implementation of the controls described in FrontGRC
  • Automatically see the result of the controls implemented and the associated audit strategies
  • Validation of the progress of an action against real operational data
  • Search for correlations risk factors to define new filtering rules
  • Reputation management as part of the KYC (Know Your Customer) process
  • Analysis of logs in order to ensure the separation of duties

FrontCCM provides numerous benefits:

  • Control and audit process automation
  • Efficient process implementation
  • Exhaustive performance of controls
  • Reliability and traceability of the controls performed
  • Reduction of manual and redundant controls