Continuity Plans

FrontGRC Continuity: Prepare and implement internal procedures to deal with potential risks or problems from business inconsistencies

With FrontGRC Continuity, eFront offers a wealth of experience acquired from numerous clients, providing an innovative software solution for Business Continuity Plan (BCP) management.

FrontGRC Continuity allows investors to model the security reference system, providing reliability, consistency and accessibility to the data and documents reference system. Using FrontGRC Continuity, it is possible to deploy and monitor the execution of all types of plans such as crisis plans, withdrawal plans, and return to normal plans.
Modelling the security elements and setting up the BCP are integrated with risk mapping.

FrontGRC Continuity allows investors to model the key security elements on which the company’s business relies: IT systems, employees, buildings, and their relationship to critical activities.

Leveraging its numerous electronic document management functionalities, FrontGRC Continuity ensures the reliability, consistency and accessibility of the whole document base, thereby guaranteeing your business continuity.

The FrontGRC Continuity solution is fully integrated into the other modules of the FrontGRC suite, including risk management, internal auditing, and business continuity plan management. Both components share the same reference systems and share a common set of cross-disciplinary functionalities, such as a workflow driver and powerful reporting tools.

  • Business Continuity Plans (BCP): Identification and description of plans, breakdown of plans into tasks, assignment of managers, progress and alarm monitoring, and automated notifications.
  • Business Impact Analysis (BIA): Modelling of key security elements, linking them with business processes and the business impact analysis.
  • Link with risk  mapping: Native integration with other FrontGRC solutions, particularly Risk and Process mapping in FrontGRC Risk.
  • Reporting: Fully automated creation and publication of BCPs, indicators and management reports.