Governance, Risk, and Compliance

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Governance, Risk, and Compliance

The complete FrontERM software suite has been designed to manage risks, from a company’s strategic objectives to the periodic or permanent control of its operational activities, in order to transform issues into opportunities and gain a global vision of risks.

This process can be controlled by an enterprise’s central entities (top-down) or from/with the operational base (bottom-up), while allowing for the delegated administration and localization of reference standards.

This 100% thin-client solution can be accessed with any web browser by all users in all the worldwide entities of an organization, according to their permissions and language.

All the business applications in the FrontERM suite are based on multi-axis common reference standards and cross-cutting functionalities and communicate through a common core. Each governance activity uses the same company activity map, the same scoring and risk management system and the same reference standard of actions to improve the efficiency of the IS by proposing standard analytics dedicated to risk management and regulatory requirements.

The common reference standards comprise several tree structures:

  • Multi-axis organization charts (legal, geographic, etc.)
  • Multi-level processes
  • Risks
  • Risk management factors
  • Indicators
  • Controls
  • Action plans

Dynamic consolidated reports contain risk scores calculated automatically by the product. The output from the product constitutes a genuine advisory solution.

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