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FrontERM : The Enterprise Risk Management Solution

A transversal view of your company’s risk profile (market, credit, operational, liquidity, etc.)

Control of your company’s exposure in view of its risk appetite

The purpose of an ERM (Enterprise Risk Management) program is to incorporate risk management into the company’s strategic, financial and operational core decision-making processes.

FrontERM is a unified global solution for the management of the risks to which a company is exposed. It supports a holistic approach that incorporates an analysis of every risk and its interactions and correlations with other risks.

The key functionalities of FrontERM:

  • Risk mapping: identification, analysis, measurement, of exposure, coverage scenarios
    • Financial risks (markets, credit, technical, counterparty, liquidity)
    • Operational risks, IT, strategy, reputation
  • Advanced indicator management (KRIs, KPIs, etc):
    • Interface with other applications – ERP, other risk engines, ALM system, market data (Bloomberg, etc.), ratings
    • Mass data entry
    • Control of alerts using multiple thresholds
  • Quantification module with statistical functions:
    • Simulation (stress test, back testing)
  • Management and analysis of asset data (portfolios, asset classes, ratings, valuation), management of action plans (preventative and corrective)
  • Analytics and scorecard: Risk aggregation, scoring