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Front360: the only complete CRM platform dedicated to the Insurance sector

The increased competition and recent upheaval of the traditional Insurance model (Solvency II, big data) requires insurers to find new growth drivers to improve their competitive stance and increase profitability.

With this challenging new business environment, Customer Relationship Management has become a key success factor for all insurers.

Front360: the only complete CRM platform dedicated to the Insurance Sector

In collaboration with AXA Group, eFront created CRM Front360 in order to allow insurers to achieve their specific goals and successfully implement their Customer strategy:

  • Optimize the customer experience through the use of multi-channel retailing
  • Foster relationships based on loyalty leading to customer retention
  • Allow mobility
  • Adapt to trends surrounding big data

Front360 offers a large range of functionality and caters specifically to your organization and business applications (claims management, subscription, commission …) in order to guarantee data consistency for a 360° return on information from clients / subscribers / members.


360 screenshot


Benefits of Front360

  • 360° view of the client relationship allowing for more personalization with each client and a more thorough
  • Significant increases in productivity for Sales and Marketing
  • A more thorough understanding of all stakeholders and their unique interests (subscriber, insured, beneficiary, medical professionals, experts, inspectors, etc.)
  • Ergonomics facilitating ownership for end users
  • Simplified integration with your existing information systems with Software as a Service (SaaS)