Solvency II Solution

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A Solution for the three pillars of Solvency II (Pillars I, II, and III)

Solvency II is a European regulatory reform of the insurance sector. Solvency II fundamentally changes the manner in which the risks to which insurers are exposed are identified and quantified. It also has a significant impact on insurers’ coverage and investment strategies (management of assets and liabilities).
Solvency II is also an opportunity for insurers to implement a genuine risk and solvency management policy that matches their sales strategy, market and prospects for growth.
FrontERM for Insurance is a global risk and solvency management solution developed by eFront that meets the requirements of Pillars I, II and III:

  • Calculation of Solvency II indicators according to the standard formula at the individual and group levels: SCR / MCR, Eligible Capital and solvency ratio, transversal view of the company’s risk profile (financial, technical, operational and business risks),
  • Calculation and projection of balance sheet and business plan (ORSA capital)
  • Continuously monitor company risk exposure according to risk appetite
  • Optimization of the risk – profitability – solvency ratio,
  • Regulatory reports (SFCR, RTS, QRT).


The main functionalities of FrontERM For Insurance are:

Pillar I:

  • A functional and customizable insurance repository allows your  company to describe entirely his organization in expected granularity level.
  • A standard Risk Management repository, hat guarantees regulatory compliance with Solvency II
  • A central SII datamart used to collect and audit log all the data required for the three pillars
  • A calculation and aggregation library according to the Standard Formula
  • A data process collection (campaigns) designed to manage the data collection and reporting of indicators from subsidiaries to the group
  • The audit logging of all inputs and outputs, the method used to calculate the SCR, MCR, eligible capital, solvency ratio and corresponding feedback (actual and simulations)
  • Standard reports used to analyze and output the Pillar I indicators



Pillar II: ORSA, Governance, Risk and Compliance

  • Produce a Holistic vision of the company’s risk profile (financial, technical, operational, etc.)
  • Monitor the company’s exposure to risks, in view of its risk appetite
  • Keep track of the solvency coverage rate (group / subsidiaries / levels of consolidation)
  • Carry out forward-looking simulations (central scenario and stress tests) in a simple calculation environment in order to analyze:
    • the risk profile and balance sheet (projection of the business plan over different periods)
    • deviation from the risk profile and prudential balance sheet in stressful situations
    • analysis of the sensitivity of the risk profile and prudential balance sheet
    • aggregation as per the standard formula
  • Define/configure proxies using the solution’s libraries: LSMC proxies, polynomial functions, pricing function, VAR calculation,
  • Send alerts when thresholds/limits are exceeded with regard to the risk budgets (consumption of capital)
  • A GRC (Governance, Risk & Compliance) solution for qualitative aspects of Solvency 2: Risk management, internal control and internal audit




Pillar III:

  • An interface with quantitative and narrative regulatory reporting tools on the market