Basel II & III Solution

ERM CRMComplianceBasel II & III Solution

Solution under the Basel II, III, CRBF 97 regulations

The FrontERM for Banks solutions helps companies in the banking sector set up the following:

  • A true risk mapping process: identification, analysis, measurement of exposure, scenario analysis, stress test…An efficient permanent control system (first and second level controls).
  • Periodic controls (internal audits) based on the best practices in the field published by the IIA
  • Advanced indicator management (Key Risk Indicators, Key Performance Indicators, etc.)
  • An interface with other applications (ERP, other risk management applications, assets/liabilities system and market data (Bloomberg, etc.))
  • A quantification and simulation module with statistical functions
  • Management and analysis of asset data (portfolios, asset classes, ratings, valuations, etc.)
  • A centralized repository of preventive and corrective action plans produced by all GRC (governance, risk, compliance) initiatives
  • Analyses and scorecards (risk aggregation, scoring, etc.)