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Manufacturing and Services

In a complex macroeconomic context and a highly competitive environment with volatile markets, companies are faced with strategic, financial and regulatory challenges and issues. They have to rise to challenges such as innovation, agility and the capacity to transform themselves and implement efficient, profitable, sustainable corporate strategies.


eFront offers a standard governance, risk management, and compliance solution for the manufacturing and services sector that enables companies to:

  • Comply with laws and regulations, such as SOX, LSF, the European directives, etc.
  • Achieve financial goals and manage their risks
  • Protect their reputation on the market (shareholders, regulators, customers, partners, lobby groups, etc.)

eFront offers the following key functionalities

  • Enterprise Risk Management process for all levels of the company
  • Implementation and monitoring of internal control and regulatory compliance processes
  • Planning, implementation and tracking of internal audit processes
  • Business reports/scorecards/dashboard provided as standard
  • Analysis and reporting tools for end users
  • A unified solution to optimize and streamline transversal corporate governance