Insurance, complementary health insurance, welfare and pension funds

The insurance sector is economically very important. By the very nature of the sector’s activity (insurance, investments, finance), it is a decisive economic, social and political driver.
In the current context, following the financial crisis of 2007, insurers are facing number of challenges:

  • Stronger competition, more services then ever and an increasing number of players in the industry
  • Changes in customer relations, heightened by the multitude of communication channels
  • The advent of social networks, the Internet and big data
  • New laws and international regulations: Solvency 2

eFront is a software publisher specializing in insurance. As the market leader in global risk management, eFront offers two business solutions dedicated to this sector:

FrontERM for Insurance: A global risk and solvency management solution for insurers (Pillar I, Pillar II and Pillar III).

Front360: A multi-channel and multi-device Customer Relationship Management solution that offers a 360° view of customers / prospects / partners.