Financial Institutions and Banks

Financial institutions are exposed to various types of risks (market, credit, operations, liquidity, reputation, etc.) and are subject to a multitude of regulations (Basel 3, Mifid, EMIR AML, CRBF 97, etc.). These various risks require transversal analysis and control and should be managed while avoiding the silo mode.
eFront offers a solution dedicated to banks that incorporates risk management into the very heart of a company’s strategic, financial and operational decision-making processes. Our solution allows financial institutions to achieve the following goals:

  • Financial performance, profitability and solvency
  • Optimization of processes
  • Transparency and image management
  • Regulatory compliance

With its governance, global risk management and compliance solutions, eFront enables banks to:

  • Secure their financial results
    • Profits , banking receipts, balance sheet
    • Optimize the allocation of their capital stock
    • Guarantee their share price and reputation
  • improve or maintain their rating (refinancing costs)
    • Rating agencies include the assessment of enterprise risk management systems in their rating criteria.
  • Have control indicators for top management that can be used to assess exposure to risk
  • Optimize organizations and processes
  • Comply with the regulations (Basel 3, CRBF 97)