About Us

About eFront

eFront, a renowned specialist in Risk Management, publishes software solutions for the banking, insurance, manufacturing, services and public sectors. eFront also services major players in the Customer Relationship Management, private equity, and real estate investment sectors.

Our vision

  • Provide analysis solutions that allow for better decisions based on a global vision of risks.
  • Offer a platform that meets the market’s need for more transparent and more efficient business processes.
  • Continuously develop our solutions in order to stay one step ahead of the competition in terms of innovation and achieve international ambitions.

Our mission

Our main mission is to provide software and services that:

  • Create added value by combining business expertise and technology
  • Help you define and implement best practices on the CRM and Risk management markets
  • Provide a clear vision of your performance, so you may make decisions based on coherence, transparency and efficiency

Our Values

  • Efficiency: Our solutions help your organization comply with the most critical regulations (Solvency II, Basel II, Sox, LSF, European Law,…) and transform regulations contraints into growth opportunities, by developing activities and improving sustainable profit.
  • Reliability: Our solutions cover every aspect of your operations and can process your data in complete security, for improved reliability and better analyses.
  • Innovation, based on significant R&D investments: 18% of our turnover is invested in R&D.
  • Internationalization: We serve more than 700 customers in 40 different countries.